VGHA Membership Dues
Village Green Homeowners' Association (VGHA) Membership
Membership in VGHA is open to all Village Green Homeowners.
Annual Membership Dues (Please do not use Explorer as your browser, it is no longer kept up-to-date and will result in errors.)                                         
Membership dues are $95.00 if paid by January 15, 2024.  Membership dues paid after that date are $100 per year per home or condo. Membership dues support the Maintenance of the Village Green Common Grounds, and administrative costs of the VGHA. 
Owners who pay membership dues may join, and participate on, this website. Renters of owners who pay membership dues may also join, and participate on, this website; however, not all functions will be available to Renters.
To vote at the Annual Member Meeting, membership dues must be paid on or by that date. The Annual Meeting is held on the second Saturday in January each year. Since Covid, we've held the meeting outdoors at the park located at 20th Ave W & 72nd.
How to Pay
Your Membership Dues invoice is available online. We hope you will help VGHA reduce postage and printing costs by accessing your invoice through your account on our website.  "Stripes" is a secure online payment process.  (Please do not use Explorer as your browser, it is no longer kept up-to-date and will result in errors.) Online payments save time and effort for our volunteers. Or, click here  for mail in form.
Follow the Directions Below to Reach Your Online Invoice
  • LOGIN (do not click Register unless you are an advertiser) under your Username. Do not use Explorer.
  • Enter your Password, or Select Forgot Password to create a new password. If you experience any trouble, email to ask for assistance.
  • When you are logged in, Select Your Profile in the upper right hand corner of the screen.
  • Unless you have passed your expiration date, your account balance will probably say $0.00.
  • Take the time to update your profile. Make sure we have a current email and phone number etc.
  • Click the link labeled Renew Your Membership.
  • Update any fields marked with a red asterisk. Opt in and out of emails and committees. Make any special donations to our ongoing projects.
  • Click Save to generate your Invoice.
  • Click the View Payment Instructions link. You now have two options: 1. Print your invoice to send with a check to the address on the Invoice, or 2. Click Pay Invoice to pay online through our secure and private Stripes system. You will be able to choose to Submit your credit card payment or Click to pay by Bank and use your checking routing and account numbers to have a debit made.
  • If you wish to pay by check right now, click on Annual Membership Dues Form, print the form and include the completed form with your check.
  • Checks may be sent to:
    Village Green Homeowners Association
    PO Box 20372

    Tampa, FL 33622-0372
Together we make Village Green a beautiful place to live!