Why Join VGHA?
Paying your annual membership dues to VGHA is voluntary, but the benefits to our community are priceless.
The primary reason for being a member of VGHA is to help keep Village Green a Beautiful Place to Live. We have many common areas, such as the green spaces along Village Green Parkway, along both 18th and 20th Avenues, as well as the berms that traverse between the two avenues and along the backside of 20th.
To keep these common areas looking pristine, which adds to the value of the property of each and every resident, we have the following budgetary needs:
Not only will you be contributing to the continued beauty of our entire residential area, but membership in the Association allows you to vote on matters presented to the Association, it allow you to make Board nominations, and makes you eligible to serve on any one of a number of committees within VGHA, including the Board.
VGHA Membership brings us together for a common purpose--our desire to keep the Community Standards in place. It’s what drew us to this community in this first place--the neatly kept homes with their pretty landscaping, the well-maintained common areas that keep our home values up and invite our guests in. A voice in how our membership dues are spent. The opportunity to meet, make friends and serve our neighbors as part of a volunteer team.
Membership also allows you to access the Members Only areas of this website!
  • Free classifieds listing
  • Member Directory searches
  • Viewing of Board of Directors minutes and other important association documents
  • Access to Condo-specific sections and their proprietary information

Become A Member Today!
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If you are a RETURNING member and wish to renew your membership, Log in to your account, then click on the "Your Profile" link in the upper right hand corner.  Find and select 'renew your membership' from the list of options!  Thank you for your support!   REMINDER:  You must be the designated 'user1' to access the renewal process!
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