Village Green Community
Where Neighbors are Friends!
Village Green is a prime subdivision within the City of Bradenton, Florida, located several blocks from the Palma Sola Bay beaches and just three miles from Anna Maria Island and its famous Gulf of Mexico beaches. We are a community where neighbors are friends and are proud to say they live in Village Green.
Village Green is managed by the non-mandatory Village Green Homeowners Association (VGHA). The VGHA Board of Directors is composed of dedicated and talented volunteers who are not compensated for their service.
The Village includes 1001 residences and over 2000 happy people. Residences include villa style condominiums and free standing homes. Common Grounds are kept in park-like condition by the VGHA.
The 426 condominium units are divided into 12 management sections. While each section differs in design, the sections are equal in quality. The condos are centrally maintained by their respective condo associations, and each has its own deed restrictions. The units are large and comfy and many sections include community swimming pools. The condos are included in the VGHA.
The 575 free standing homes also differ in design from one another, and are equal in quality. Homes range in size from 1400 sq. ft. to just over 2200 sq. ft. The homes are covered by community standards collectively placed on them by the homeowners. Owners maintain their own homes and land.

Reports of Crime in Bradenton
The vast majority of the Village Green area is virtually free of crime. The crimes generally reported in the area are mostly theft from unlocked cars that are not in garages, unlocked bicycles left out at night, and the occasional social gathering that has gotten too loud. The City of Bradenton has a police officer specifically assigned to patrol the Village Green area. The types of stops he makes are primarily to cite speeders and folks who run stop signs.
CLICK HERE to view an interactive map of Bradenton's crime rate.  Bradenton receives an overall rating grade of B for a city of its size. The Village Green area between Manatee and 18th Avenues, and 75th and 59th Streets, has an A/A- rating.

City of Bradenton Vacation Rental Ordinance (effective January 1, 2023)
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