Neighborhood Watch
To find out more about Neighborhood Watch, please click on the link to go to the Neighborhood Watch website.
Contact Information
Tami Goudy is our Neighborhood Watch Liaison to the Bradenton Police Department. Village Green has several Neighborhood Watch Groups. For more information, contact Tami Goudy.
Neighborhood Watch co-sponsors Vial of Life
Important medical and patient information is placed on a standardized worksheet then placed in a medicine vial, which is stored in your refrigerator. This information will assist responding personnel with previous medical history, medications and other related information.
Partners: Bradenton Fire Department and Manatee County EMS.
Summer Months Reminder
Summertime, beginning in June, is one of the most active times for crime. Stay alert….
Storage and Locks
Thefts continue with the lock cut and lawn equipment stolen. Shankless or short shank locks cannot be cut easily with bolt cutters. These crimes were previously targeting areas east of 26th and have now crossed over 26th going west.
Donations to support Neighborhood Watch
The West Bradenton Crime Watch Inc, a 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation, was formed to secure funding for the Neighborhood Watch program in the City of Bradenton.
Neighborhood Watch receives no financial support from the City of Bradenton.
The costs of the program include printing, supplies, travel to meetings and recruitment efforts, liability and premises insurance, website maintenance and press releases. The program’s successes speak for themselves.
Efforts for fundraising include t-shirt sales, discount card sales, safety events, and donations by individuals, as well as corporations.
All donations are tax deductible.
Neighborhood Watch is not a VGHA Committee.
Condos and Homes sections within Village Green participate in Neighborhood Watch.

Dues and Contributions
Pay for
Maintenance of the Common Grounds
By Village Green Homeowners’ Association
Thank you for your support!
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