• Are we incorporated?
    Yes, the Village Green Homeowners' Association is incorporated under Chapter 617 of the State of Florida as a corporation not for profit, pursuant to our Articles of Incorporation.
  • How soon are the minutes of a board meeting to be available to homeowners?
    Board Meeting minutes are taken by the Secretary. The Secretary prepares the minutes and presents them to the Board of Directors at its next scheduled meeting for approval. After the Board approves the minutes for the prior meeting, the minutes are posted on our website, usually within a few days.
    Go to Association, Board of Directors and see Minutes section.
  • May homeowners speak at board meetings?
    Yes, the Board Agenda designates when in the Meeting members may address the Board.
  • What are Bylaws?
    Bylaws are the guidelines for the Board in its operation of the homeowners' association. These bylaws define the duties of the various officers of the board of directors, membership voting rights, required meetings, and other specific items that are necessary to run the homeowners association.
    The Board of Directors may amend the Bylaws by vote of the Board.
  • What are Deed Restrictions?
    Deed Restrictions are legal obligations imposed upon the owner of the property to do or not to do something.
    In Florida, Deed Restrictions 'run with the land' and are binding on all owners of that property.
    Village Green has been a Deed Restricted community since its inception. The Condos Sections each have their own Deed Restrictions. The Homes have a separate set of Deed Restrictions.
    These Deed Restrictions documents are on file with the Manatee Clerk of the Court and are available for download from that site.
    In addition, this website's Association, Legal Documents page has a copy of the Homes Deed Restrictions document and the Policy regarding enforcement of the Homes Deed Restrictions.
  • What are Governing Documents?
    The Governing Documents are legal documents governing the operation of the homeowners' association.
    These include:
    1. Articles of Incorporation
    2. Bylaws
    3. Homes Deed Restrictions
    4. Board Policies
    Go to Association, Legal Documents.
  • What is a Homeowners Association?
    The Village Green Homeowners' Association (VGHA) is a legal corporation organized and incorporated under Chapter 617 of the Florida statutes. Membership in the VGHA association is non-mandatory.

    The VGHA's Articles of Incorporation entitle the association to exercise the powers of non-profit Florida corporation.

    While membership in the VGHA is voluntary, owners must comply with the Deed Restrictions on file with the Manatee Clerk's Office. Each Condos Section and the Homes have their own Deed Restrictions.
    In Florida, Deed Restrictions "run with the land" and obligate the owner of the property to comply with the Deed Restrictions.
  • What is an 'Easement?
    An interest or a right in real property which allows a landowner to use the land of another for a special purpose or endeavor. For example, a public utility may have an easement for maintenance or repair work to be executed at a future date.
  • When are the Associations meetings?
    The Board of Directors decide on the date, time, and location of all Board and Membership meetings.
    For a schedule of Board Meetings, go to Association, Board of Directors.
    For a schedule of the Annual Meeting, go to Association, Member Annual Meeting.

  • Who oversees our Homeowners Association?
    The Board of Directors operates the VGHA. The Board is elected by the homeowners at the Member Annual Meeting.
    Most often, fellow homeowners with an interest in keeping the neighborhood strong are elected to the Board.

  • Are volunteers needed to help with a committee?
    Yes, the VGHA is an all-volunteer organization. We need and want volunteers at every level. It's a great way to make new friends while helping your community.
    Volunteers may be involved as much or as little as they want. Some volunteer for a special project and others join Committees. Our Board is a volunteer Board, and Board members are elected for a 3-year term.
    Interested, but not sure? Contact a Committee Chair, attend a Committee meeting, or talk to other volunteers.
    Volunteers are always welcome!
  • How do I get involved with a committee?
    Go to Activities, Committees Home Page for a list of Committees. Committees are individually listed under Activities, as well, and each has its own page.
    As everyone completes their Profiles, you will find Committee Chairs listed in the Member Directory so you may find contact information.
    Update your Profile and select the Committee you would like to join. Your name will be added to the email list for that Committee.
    If you do not have email, contact a Committee Chair, attend a Committee meeting, or talk to other volunteers. Attend a Board meeting and ask about VGHA's committees. Someone will guide you a committee that matches your interests. 
    Volunteerism is a great way to make our neighborhood a better place to live. 
  • What are Association Committees?
    Go to Activities, Committees Home Page to read about the Committees.

  • Are Solicitors allowed in the community, and what do I do if they come to my home?
    At one time, the City of Bradenton did not allow soliciting. However, that ordinance was repealed given concerns about constitutional infringement of the right to free speech.
    Religious and Political solicitors are protected by the right to free speech. The next paragraph does not apply to Religious or Political solicitors.
    If a solicitor (other than Religious or Political) comes to your property, you may call the non-emergency Police phone number and ask that an officer be sent. You will need to provide details about the solicitor so the Police Officer may locate them in the neighborhood for questioning. The Police Officer will question the solicitor and determine if there are any outstanding warrants for the individual. If so, the individual will be arrested. If not, the solicitor will know the neighborhood is alert for criminal elements.
    There are signs at the entrances to Village Green stating that solicitors are not allowed; however, only the homeowner has the right to restrict access to their property. Some homeowners have posted "No Solicitation" signs on their own property.
  • Can I let my pets run loose in the community?
    No. VGHA Deed Restrictions Section XIV  Animals and Birds  (B)states: No household pet shall be allowed to stray or go upon another lot. 
    Additionally, The Manatee County Animal Ordinance Sec. 2-4-11. - Dogs and cats at large; direct control; exceptions states in section (d) The owner or custodian of a dog or cat must have direct control of such animal at all times.
  • Does the community have yard sales?
    Recently, the community has participated in yard sales. These have been coordinated through the Board, although they are not a Board event. A volunteer is needed to coordinate these events.
    Members will be notified once a specific date and time is determined and information will be posted on the VGHA Website. Watch the VG Calendar and Residents, News section for details.
  • May I park in my yard?
    No, the Homes Deed Restrictions provide: "No vehicle shall be parked on any part of the property, except on streets or driveways."
    If you live in a Condos Section, see your Condos Deed Restrictions.

Login to Members' Area
  • How do I Login to the Members' Area?
    On the Home Page of vgha.org, find the green shaded rectangle with text in the upper right hand corner.
    Select Login and type your username and password in the spaces provided. If you've forgotten your password, Select Forgot Password.
    Select the Remember Me checkbox so the next time you visit the VGHA website, it remembers your username and password. Then, Select Submit.

  • How do I Update my Profile?
    1.      With the VGHA.org website opened in your browser, find the green shaded rectangle with text in the upper right hand corner. Select Login and type your username and password in the spaces provided. Click on the Remember Me checkbox so the next time you visit the VGHA website, it remembers your username and password, and Select Submit.
    2.      Now, Select Your Profile also in the upper right hand corner to open Your Profile page. On the left hand side, under the Welcome message, find the words Your Profile and the links underneath.
    3.      Select Change Password. Change your initial password to one of your own choosing, and Select Submit.
    4.      Select Update Profile to see the information transferred from our prior database to new website’s Membership Records.
    a.      During your Profile setup, please:
                           i.     Confirm the existing information is correct, especially email address (see notes below) and phone numbers.
                         ii.     Add missing information, such as Mailing Address (even if it is your VG address), Residence Status (helps us making better Selections in contacting you), phone numbers, Birthday, and Emergency Contact information.
                        iii.     Join Committees.
                        iv.     Choose your existing Role on the VGHA Board, Condos Board or Committees (to help in contacting you about meetings and events).
                         v.     Enter your Social Media site information, including Nextdoor, Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.
                        vi.     Enter your Company Name and Company website information if you own a company or your company owns the property in Village Green.
    b.      Special notes about email addresses.
                           i.     Please check your email address and make sure it is entered correctly.
                         ii.     Each email address in our Membership Records must be unique.
                        iii.     If you share an email address with your spouse or partner, please consider creating an email address unique to you so you may receive emails concerning Calendar/RSVP events, etc.
                        iv.     If you don’t want to manage a second email account, consider forwarding the newly created personal email account to your main shared email account.
                         v.     If you don’t have a personal email address or need to create a personal email account, you may want to consider either a Gmail or Outlook email address as either will allow you to add Calendar events directly to your personal Calendar.
                        vi.     Having your own personal email account will allow you to take advantage of the new website’s features while fulfilling the website’s requirement for a unique email address for every Member.
                       vii.     If you find a placeholder email such as xxnoemail@vgha.org in the email address field, we did not have your email address in our records or we had one email address for your family.  
                     viii.     Please do not delete the “fake” placeholder email address if you do not have a personal email address to replace it. The system requires an email address in this field. Any email sent to your “fake” placeholder email address will bounce back to the sender as it cannot be delivered.
    c.       When you have completed this page, please Select Save.
    5.      Select Add Profile Photo. Now Select Choose File and pick a photo from your hard drive. When the photo has uploaded, Select Save.
    6.      Finally, Select update Directory Preferences and choose whether you want your Profile information included in the Membership Directory.
    a.      If you Select Yes, a menu of options appears so you may choose which fields you would like to show and who can see the field’s information.
    b.      Select Only other members can see for those fields you would like to show in the Membership Directory, and Select Save.

  • Can my HOA dues be paid out of our house's escrow account like our taxes?
    We're sorry, but the VGHA is not set up to handle those types of payments.
    Our website does offer online payments for your convenience.
  • If I sell my house during the year, are the remaining HOA dues refundable?
    Dues are paid for the entire year beginning in January. VGHA does not pro-rate or offer refunds on dues. 
    When selling your home, ask your title company or Realtor to including in the closing costs that the new homeowner pay a pro-rated share of the association dues and refund a prorated amount to you.
  • The homeowners who haven't paid their dues should have their names and addresses printed in the newsletter or on the website so that everyone knows who they are!
    While some homeowners have requested this, the potential for legal liability or libel/slander cases from an owner who is named precludes doing so. 
  • VGHA Yearly Dues
    See Association, Annual Dues page for current year dues amounts.
    See also, Association, Why Join VGHA? to learn more about membership in the VGHA.

Dues and Contributions
Pay for
Maintenance of the Common Grounds
By Village Green Homeowners’ Association
Thank you for your support!
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