Happy Hours are indefinitely cancelled due to Coronavirus Pandemic.
If this is your first time to login to our website, please know that we have already set up your username and password.  Use the 'login' link, not the 'register' link.  Your username and password are based on the name on the deed recorded at the county.  If your name is John Smith, then your username is JohnSmith and your password is JSchangeme (JS being your initials).  Both have 2 uppercase letters and no spaces.  Once you log in, click on the 'profile' link in the upper right corner.  On this page you can change your username and password, as well as update your information, add an email address, and pay dues.  If you need assistance, please contact the webmaster!  We're here to help!

Due to the Corona Virus, VGHA Board meetings are being conducted electronically through Google Hangouts until further notice.

Current Board Members: Julie Kabrich, President; Don Rose, Vice President; Steve Mapes, Treasurer; Elaine Leger, Secretary; Suzanne Levesque, Shannon Breault, Greg Way, Dwight Roche and Joyce Roche.  A big thanks to these folks for volunteering to service our wonderful community!
We have a full board!! We need volunteers for various areas so please consider volunteering in order to bring new ideas to help make our community better!
We are still looking for a backup WebMaster. If you are willing to work with this website, please send an email to webmaster@vgha.org for more information.

VGHA Documents: 
Please get involved with your neighborhood.  
Most people don’t realize that when their neighborhood crumbles around them, it is their lack of involvement that allowed it to happen.
Most people also don’t realize that when their neighborhood is improving, it is only because some of their neighbors are getting involved.
How to Pay your 2020 Dues!
There are two ways to pay your dues and renew your membership:
First: You can pay online; service fees are waived. You must login first, then click on the last feature box that says Membership Summary---Dues (follow the instructions).  Site will ask you to verify all your information - scroll down to the bottom and select 'save' to move on to the payment process.
If you've never logged in before, contact the webmaster for your username and password.   
Second: If you prefer to mail your dues, the form for that is HERE.
Together we make Village Green a beautiful place to live!


New Signage for Village Green
Village Green has added another neighborhood information sign. After conversations with residents wishing to relocate this sign, we are moving it to a better location. Stay tuned!

Village Green Committees Need Volunteers!


Village Green volunteers used to do a lot of good work through committees.  A lot of hours were donated to maintain our HOA.   Because we have  had so few volunteers, many have done double duty, joining and working on multiple committees as well as board member duty.  Sadly, they got burned out and left.  We need more help with pretty much every committee!  If you’re interested in participating in any committee activities, please contact a Board member.  Email Addresses are listed below.  Please keep in mind that ALL help is appreciated.  If you have limited time, or limited interest, the committees will accept whatever you have to offer!  With thanks!

Our Social Committee is probably the most fun.  They coordinate all social activities for the HOA.  They organize our monthly First Monday Happy Hour, currently at Fratellos.  They research restaurants and organize monthly dine outs (excluding summer months) at places that have good food and can accommodate large crowds!  They organize the Annual Holiday Party, which was a great success last year!  All social activities are paid by those who attend.  50/50 raffles are held at most functions to pay for any additional costs, like the band at the party!

The Grounds Maintenance Committee is responsible for negotiating our landscaping and maintenance work done on the common grounds.  They assist with repair and maintenance of the sprinkler system and the electrical grid that operates the sprinklers.  They also oversee the landscaping of the common grounds.

The following committees no longer exist, due to lack of volunteers:

The Membership Committee welcomes new residents to the neighborhood and shares information about Village Green HOA and its activities.   Through this committee we let new neighbors know about what our dues are for, how they are used to beautify and maintain the common grounds, and what is on the current year’s work plan.  This committee is also responsible for routinely checking county register records for home and condo sales, gathering information about new owners and updating our records to reflect the change in ownership.

Effective in 2019, the Finance Committee/Treasurer is responsible for managing the budget and presenting the financials, prepared by the accounting firm, to the board.  They have oversight of the accounting firm’s duties, which include picking up the mail at the post office, scanning checks for backup, making the deposit, and posting the checks to the database on our website. The firm also updates member records as needed,  reconciles the accounts and prepares the monthly and annual financial statements.

The Communications Committee is responsible for our newsletter, our website content and any other communications to our neighbors.  They seek articles of interest which they edit.  They search for and coordinate with advertisers to help offset the cost of our newsletter.  They design the newsletter, get it out via email and snail mail to our residents.  They also seek articles for the website, and update the page content.

The Neighborhood Standards Committee is responsible for sending letters out to those homeowners who are not in compliance with city code or with our voluntary standards as published on our website.  This can be difficult to do, as we prefer to help our neighbors rather than criticize.

The Deed Rewrite Committee has been responsible for all the research into our deed situation.  They have combed the old records, the state statutes, met with attorneys, all to figure out where we are, how we got here, and what to do next.  These folks have spent HUNDREDS of hours working hard to get to where we are today.

We also are in need of a new Webmaster, to maintain and update our website!

A big THANKS to all our volunteer committee members!





VGHA Website

Our new website has been up and running for almost three years now.  It has been great in helping us to maintain more accurate membership records and for allowing dues payments online.   We will continue to maintain this website for awhile, but changes are coming in 2020!

There is still occasional confusion about who uses the 'login' link and who used the 'register' link. Property owners use the ‘login’ link.    New residents are automatically entered into the system by our volunteers, with username and passwords set up for initial use.  Changes can be made on the user profile page.    

Only advertisers use the ‘register’ link.

 If you have questions or need help, contact the webmaster@vgha.org.

If you’re interested in working with the website we can always use volunteers!  Contact the webmaster!

It's time to renew your VGHA membership!  Log in to your account, then click on the "Your Profile" link in the upper right hand corner.  Find and select 'renew your membership' from the list of options!  Thank you for your support!   REMINDER:  You must be the designated 'user1' to access the renewal process!


New Evacuation Zones include ALL of Village Green.
Hurricane  Season begins June 1. Click here for Hurricane Readiness information. Also by going to About>Moving and Living Here>Living Here Helpful Links and Phone Numbers>Manatee County.
Click here to see new Evacuation Zones for Manatee County. Also by going to About>Moving and Living Here>Living Here Helpful Links and Phone Numbers>Manatee County>Evacuation Zones & Route Maps.
Residents may want to check insurance coverage for flooding due to surge and surface water inundation.

Welcome to your VGHA.org Website!
This website is the VGHA’s primary means of communication with our Members. Please take some time to familiarize yourself with the website and its features.
To reach pages restricted to Members Only, please use Login at the top right of the page if you are a VG homeowner. Please do not use Register if you are a VG homeowner as Register is for new Advertisers who wish to purchase advertising space on this website.
Please set @vgha.org as a safe sender to your email address.
For those with Earthlink email: Spam control is causing our emails to some of you to bounce.   

Check out Event Registration and Calendar
The new website’s features include Calendar and Event Registration.
  • Register for an event online from Calendar or Event Registration, and receive a confirmation by email.
  • Add the event/activity to your personal Gmail or Outlook calendar directly from Calendar or Event Registration.
  • See a list of registered attendees under the event. Contact friends to encourage them to register. Most Social Committee events have limited seating available.
  • Receive a reminder email prior to the event! 
  • Event Registration tracks total reservations and provides automatic cutoff when the maximum number have registered.
  • Organizers receive a count and printout of attendees.
We are now using the new VGHA website exclusively (and not Nextdoor) for our events/activities to take full advantage of our website’s Calendar and Event Registration features.

New Website Highlights  More>>
Not receiving VGHA Emails? Don't miss out on important emails about the Newsletter, Dine-Out Events, Meetings and Dues Notices!
When an email is sent via a distribution email list, email providers sometimes send those emails to Junk/Spam instead of Inbox.
Several members sent emails to the webmaster because they didn't think they were on our email distribution list. When asked to look in their Junk/Spam folders, they found the emails in the VGHA emails. After adding @vgha.org to their Safe Senders list, the emails began showing up in their respective Inboxes.
If you haven't received email notices about the Newsletter or about the Dine-Outs, please check your Junk/Spam folder. And, to make sure VGHA emails show up in your Inbox in the future... 
Please add @vgha.org to your Email Safe Senders list. 

For Login and Password assistance, please email webmaster@vgha.org.
Hint: When changing your Password, use a capitalized letter for the first character. This reduces errors when logging in.

HH 2020 Cancelled Indefinitely
Posted on Apr 24th, 2020
The Villager Newsletter for Winter 2017
Posted on Mar 9th, 2017
The 2017 winter edition of the Villager Newsletter is posted. Click her to go to Newsletters.
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