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The Winter edition of our VGHA Newsletter can be read HERE!   Please take the time to read this!  Our deed restriction rewrite is moving ahead and we need your support!

Thanks to all of you for supporting VGHA with your financial contributions, both dues and additional donations. Those extra donations were really put to good use, especially when Hurricane Irma came in and left us with piles of debris and a very bent flagpole! And a special thank you to our volunteers who serve on our various committees or come out to help us improve the landscaping. Their work affords every one of us the luxury of driving in off Manatee Ave, 75th or 59th Streets to this green oasis we call home.
The Board has voted to keep our dues at $75 per year, an amount that has not changed since 2016. I would like report to you what your contributions have enabled us to do for you and your community of Village Green in 2017.
The majority of our budget, a little over 77%, goes to the maintenance of those 7.31 acres of common ground- the entrance monuments, irrigation system, electrical system and upkeep of landscaping beds, including oaks and palm trees.
IN addition to regular maintenance in 2017, your dues
 Converted to drip irrigation, all landscape beds at the VG Pkwy Monument and along VG Pkwy. Other landscape beds are slated to be converted this year.
 Brought the 18th Ave electrical services up to code. This involved replacing the wire from FPL that ran under 18th Ave W and installing new meter and fuse boxes. This cost the association $4500
 Had all oaks on 18th Ave trimmed to clean up the trees and prevent wind damage
 Installed a new flagpole at our main entrance, replacing the one destroyed by Hurricane Irma
 Paid and additional $1000 for cleanup of debris left by Hurricane Irma
 Mulched all tree rings and plant beds
 Had all large palm trees trimmed
And with the help of the Landscape committee:
 Held 2 community work days to cleanout landscape beds, weed, fertilize all existing plant material, and planted new flowers and shrubs to fill out VG Pkwy, 75th St monument, and 70th and 72nd St medians.
 Repainted all 5 monuments
Our remaining budget supports VGHA activities which included accounting, tax preparation, website, insurance, corporate fees, legal fees, office supplies and postage.
Our Committees were also very busy this year, providing additional services and opportunities to enjoy your neighborhood.
The Social Committee
 Held 5 Dine outs at various restaurants around Bradenton
 Sponsored monthly First Monday Happy Hours, now meeting at Fratellos, as an opportunity for neighbors to come out and get to know each other and discuss what’s happening around VG
 Held a wine and cheese event to thank volunteers
 Held the first, and hopefully annual holiday dinner dance and the elks lodge
The Communications Committee
 Published 3 quarterly newsletters. The 4th to be published after today’s meeting
 Added several new advertisers to cover publishing costs
 Arranged for the purchase of 1 of 2 outdoor letter board signs for better communication in VG. The first one will be installed at the corner of 18th and VG Pkwy Awaiting permit completion.
 Via phone and email, answered a multitude of requests for login in a website navigation help
And just as a little aside here folks, I know the website isn’t perfect, it has bugs and limitations. It’s a new website; we are all of us learning how to use it. The bugs we are finding, and we thank you for letting us know when you come across one, and we are working diligently with the administrators of the website to fix them. Again, please remember, we are all volunteers here. The websites you are familiar with and use regularly have full time paid employees. We are retirees like most of you and want to enjoy some time away from the computer too. So please remember that the next time you have trouble- be patient! And this website may never do everything as easily as those other websites- it is a modestly price website, and therefore it just doesn’t function as smoothly as a more expensive one might.
The Membership and Welcome Committee
 Reviewed and verified the records of 90 new homeowners, deleted old users and added new users to update and maintain our database
 Reached out to and welcomed a majority of the 41 new condo and 49 new single family homeowners in VG
Finance committee
 Picked up _____ dues checks, recorded each one, scanned the check for backup, deposited each check, posted the payments and reconciled each account
Deed Rewrite Committee
 Spent countless hours of volunteer time researching our homeowners association and deed restrictions status,
With numerous trips to county offices to research old records, writing letters and emails to city, county and state officials for advice and information. As well as meeting with our lawyer.
Their findings will be discussed during the presentation.
All this, done by volunteers, with your contribution of only $75 per year. Quite a bargain!
In closing, I would like to thank all those volunteers- and in particular, the Board members, who have stuck with me throughout the year, putting in so many hours, and putting up with me when I felt overwhelmed and spread too thin.
We have accomplished so much together, and together we can keep Village Green, the best place to live in Bradenton!
Thank you


Village Green Committees Need Volunteers!

Village Green volunteers do a lot of good work through committees.  A lot of hours are donated to maintain our HOA.   Because we have so few volunteers, many do double duty, joining and working on multiple committees as well as board member duty. We need more help with pretty much every committee!  If you’re interested in participating in any committee activities, please contact the committee chair via email.  Email Addresses are listed below.  Please keep in mind that ALL help is appreciated.  If you have limited time, or limited interest, the committee’s will accept whatever you have to offer!  With thanks!

Our Social Committee is probably the most fun.  They coordinate all social activities for the HOA.  They organize our monthly First Monday Happy Hour, currently at Fratellos.  They research restaurants and organize monthly dine outs (excluding summer months) at places that have good food and can accommodate large crowds!  They organize the Annual Holiday Party, which was a great success last year!  All social activities are paid by those who attend.  50/50 raffles are held at most functions to pay for any additional costs, like the band at the party!

The Membership Committee welcomes new residents to the neighborhood and shares information about Village Green HOA and its activities.   Through this committee we let new neighbors know about what our dues are for, how they are used to beautify and maintain the common grounds, and what is on the current year’s work plan.  This committee is also responsible for routinely checking county register records for home and condo sales, gathering information about new owners and updating our records to reflect the change in ownership.

The Finance Committee is responsible for handling the dues.  This means picking up the mail at the post office, scan checks for backup and then deposit checks.  Then they post an entry online to the member’s account.  They update member records if they receive new address information.  And they keep all the accounts reconciled and produce monthly and annual financial statements.

The Communications Committee is responsible for our newsletter, our website content and any other communications to our neighbors.  They seek articles of interest which they edit.  They search for and coordinate with advertisers to help offset the cost of our newsletter.  They design the newsletter, get it out via email and snail mail to our residents.  They also seek articles for the website, and update the page content.

The Grounds Maintenance Committee is responsible for negotiating our landscaping and maintenance work done on the common grounds.  They assist with repair and maintenance of the sprinkler system and the electrical grid that operates the sprinklers.  They also oversee the landscaping of the common grounds.

The Neighborhood Standards Committee is responsible for sending letters out to those homeowners who are not in compliance with city code or with our voluntary standards as published on our website.  This can be difficult to do, as we prefer to help our neighbors rather than criticize.

The Deed Rewrite Committee has been responsible for all the research into our deed situation.  They have combed the old records, the state statutes, met with attorneys, all to figure out where we are, how we got here, and what to do next.  These folks have spent HUNDREDS of hours working hard to get to where we are today.

A big THANKS to all our volunteer committee members!


VGHA Website

Our new website has been up and running for a year now.  It has been great in helping us to maintain more accurate membership records and for allowing dues payments online.  In order to reduce administration costs last year, we stopped using (and paying for) an accounting firm to handle our dues payments.  We now rely on the website for online payments, and we use volunteers to process the payments received through the mail in the form of a check.  We use several volunteers for this process to allow for checks and balances.  The first year was a learning experience.  This year has gone much more smoothly.  Thanks to all who help us out by paying online!

One issue with the new website has been confusion about users and logging in to the site.  Property owners use the ‘login’ link.  Only advertisers use the ‘register’ link.  This website labels users by access levels.  Each property has a single ‘user1’ attached to each property, and all other household members are set up as a ‘user2’.   ‘User1’ is the level that can pay dues online and make reservations for social events.  There are several reasons for the system to be this way.    It doesn’t matter who in the household is the ‘user1’, and it doesn’t matter who in the household uses the ‘user1’ username/password login.  The only information being protected is name and address, and for some we have email addresses and phone numbers.  Generally speaking, everyone in your household knows this information so you don’t need to protect it from each other. 

So far, the only time we’ve needed to have accurate ‘user2’ information was for the Annual Holiday Party.  For this occasion, a caterer was hired so payment was needed in advance.  Reservations were made online and payment was also made online.  Reservations could only be made for those household members who were in the system.  If your spouse/partner is listed as a ‘user2’ then you were able to make a reservation that included that person, and make payment for that person. 

If you don’t know who in your household is entered on the site, login, go to your profile (link is in the upper right-hand corner) and check it out.  If you have questions or need help, contact the

If you’re interested in working with the website we can always use volunteers!  Contact the webmaster!

It's time to renew your VGHA membership!  Log in to your account, then click on the "Your Profile" link in the upper right hand corner.  Find and select 'renew your membership' from the list of options!  Thank you for your support!   REMINDER:  You must be the designated 'user1' to access the renewal process!


       Water restrictions
Bradenton is currently limited to watering twice a week. Click here to view. Also available by going to About>Moving and Living Here>Moving Here Helpful Links>Water Restrictions.
New Evacuation Zones include ALL of Village Green.
Hurricane  Season begins June 1. Click here for Hurricane Readiness information. Also by going to About>Moving and Living Here>Living Here Helpful Links and Phone Numbers>Manatee County.
Click here to see new Evacuation Zones for Manatee County. Also by going to About>Moving and Living Here>Living Here Helpful Links and Phone Numbers>Manatee County>Evacuation Zones & Route Maps.
Residents may want to check insurance coverage for flooding due to surge and surface water inundation.

Welcome to your Website!
This website is the VGHA’s primary means of communication with our Members. Please take some time to familiarize yourself with the website and its features.
To reach pages restricted to Members Only, please use Login at the top right of the page if you are a VG homeowner. Please do not use Register if you are a VG homeowner as Register is for new Advertisers who wish to purchase advertising space on this website.
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Check out Event Registration and Calendar
The new website’s features include Calendar and Event Registration.
  • Register for an event online from Calendar or Event Registration, and receive a confirmation by email.
  • Add the event/activity to your personal Gmail or Outlook calendar directly from Calendar or Event Registration.
  • See a list of registered attendees under the event. Contact friends to encourage them to register. Most Social Committee events have limited seating available.
  • Receive a reminder email prior to the event! 
  • Event Registration tracks total reservations and provides automatic cutoff when the maximum number have registered.
  • Organizers receive a count and printout of attendees.
We are now using the new VGHA website exclusively (and not Nextdoor) for our events/activities to take full advantage of our website’s Calendar and Event Registration features.

New Website Highlights  More>>
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If you haven't received email notices about the Newsletter or about the Dine-Outs, please check your Junk/Spam folder. And, to make sure VGHA emails show up in your Inbox in the future... 
Please add to your Email Safe Senders list. 

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Dues and Contributions
Pay for
Maintenance of the Common Grounds
By Village Green Homeowners’ Association
Thank you for your support!
The Villager Newsletter for Spring 2017
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The 2017 Spring edition of the Villager Newsletter is posted. Click her to go to Newsletters.
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Dues and Contributions
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