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Holiday Party
On Dec. 7, the Village Green Homeowner Association held their first Holiday Dinner party at the Bradenton Elks Club.  The 34 neighbors, from homes and condos, enjoyed a delicious dinner catered by Liva's Creative Catering.  We were entertained by live music from the "Accidentalz" band during dinner and for dancing afterwards.  Before leaving, several donated prizes were then raffled off to diners.  Thanks to the VGHA Social Committee for organizing,  for all those in attendance who donated an unwrapped toy for the Elk's upcoming Toys for Tots party and for all those who made this a great start to the Holiday season.

Letter to Village Green Residents
The VGHA Board recently sent dues reminders out to 293 residents who have yet to contribute to the 2017 budget. This shortfall is putting us dangerously close to coming in over budget this year, despite cutting as many non-essential items on our work plan as we could.
Taking a hit were 2 all-weather bulletin boards to have been placed near the entrances on 18th Ave and also on VG Pkway to inform residents of meetings and social events within Village Green. We feel they would have gone far toward increasing the interaction among neighbors.
Another item crossed off our work plan this year was the update of the northern side of the 18th Ave entrance, to bring it in line with the south side that was replanted a couple years ago.
Our fall mulching, palm trimming and winter annual plantings are in jeopardy as well.
We are also being hit with a larger than normal landscaping budget due to massive cleanups on 18th and VG Parkway following Tropical Storm Emily and Hurricane Irma.  We have yet to assess the sod damage from leaving the debris on 18th Ave W for so long, but replacing sod was also not in our budget. We may need to use reserve funds for replacement.
The all-volunteer Board and other volunteers in Village Green work very hard to do as much as we can with the budget allowed by this modest contribution. We feel we are acting as good stewards of Village Green, keeping your neighborhood clean and well-maintained for the enjoyment of all.
Your dues go toward common grounds maintenance. That is, mowing grass once a week for a majority of the year, irrigating twice a week, fertilizing grass and mulching landscape beds, trimming trees and palms, and planting ornamentals and flowers throughout, as well as maintaining irrigation lines and entrance monuments.
If you reason that our common grounds belong to the City of Bradenton, and therefore don’t need us to keep things in order, just look at any median on Manatee Ave.- no irrigation, no flowers, nothing green, not even grass, just weeds. If we stop maintaining our common areas, the water will be turned off, the grass will turn to weeds and be mowed approximately once a quarter. All bushes and flowers will eventually die and palms will not be trimmed or fertilized, and will also eventually die. These areas are what make Village Green a beautiful and desirable place to live.
If you have received a dues notice, or have not paid this year’s contribution of $75, won’t you please take time to send us a check? It may be sent to: VGHA, P O Box 14342, Bradenton, FL 34280-4342. Please note your VG address on the check.
Thank you,
The Village Green Homeowners Association

What does the Village Green Homeowners Association Do?
Recently, a few neighbors requested help to repair pot holes throughout our neighborhood. We want you to know what we do as VGHA volunteers. The VGHA has a government liaison volunteer. This person's responsibility is communicating your concerns to our government agencies and making sure they are performing their duties to our neighborhood. After a few calls, the city made the repairs. This doesn’t just happen the VGHA liaison has created relationships with many government officials all for the good of our community. 
The VGHA is working every day to keep Village Green a nice place to live.  We are one of you, please support your neighborhood.
Please Respect Your Neighbors Property
Please respect the property of your neighbors. Recently a company installing fencing on a Village Green property owner was seen driving on Mirabella property and using the Mirabella property as a staging area for fence installation. There is some concern now that sprinkler heads may have been damaged.
This is unacceptable. We would not do this to another VG neighbor. The same should be true of Mirabella. Again, please respect all of our neighbors.
Your Village Green Board continues to work for its Members and the enhancement of your Neighborhood
Last week, Steve Mapes, our Gov’t Liaison, Patrick McNally, our Maintenance Chair, and I met with Jim McLellan, Director of Public Works and Ross Peterson, Superintendent of Landscape and Grounds regarding the status of the tree and palm replacement for Village Green.  
We are now in the bidding phase of the project. When a bid is accepted the City will proceed in replacing 17 palms from the island north of our main entrance on Village Green Pkwy to 11th Ave W as well as along 18th Ave W and its median before 75th St. They will also add an additional orange Geiger tree to Village Green Pkwy and an oak to 18th Ave W.
We hope this project will be done in time to take advantage of our summer rains.
Thank you to all members of Village Green HOA, for your continued support. Your dues help us continue to see that your neighborhood retains its beauty and charm.
This project is just an example of what your Board does for you, the Association member, to add beauty to your community and increase your home’s value for many years to come.
Kay McNally
VGHA does have Deed Restrictions, which are filed with Manatee County.
Unfortunately, VGHA is a Voluntary HOA, so enforcement legally is required by the individual residents taking legal action against their violating neighbor vs. the Association doing so.  The Association can support Resident Members taking action against violators with legal fees and support.
VGHA sends letters to violators to bring their properties up to Community Standards. A majority comply, some don't. Rental properties are an issue in VG. This issue of rental property in Village Green is of major concern, and one reason we are working on rewriting our Deed Restrictions. Other reasons are to bring Village Green into compliance with newer Bradenton city ordinances (i.e. fence height).
If your neighbor does not appear to be meeting our Community Standards (see this website, association tab, see Deed Restriction Policy 1.0, adopted May 13, 2014 at the bottom of the tab) submit your concerns to Dave Williams, the Community Standards Chair at for follow up.
If your neighbor is not maintaining their property in accordance with the Standards, lawns, clean roofs, cars parked on the lawn, trash, etc. the most effective way to resolve the issue is for your equally concerned neighbors to confront the neighbor in a neighborly constructive way suggesting that their property is possibly degrading the property values of the balance of the neighborhood. Ask if there is anything the nearby neighbors can do to help the Resident improve their property's condition to meet the Standards. Perhaps they are short of funds for improvement, are unaware of the Standards or are physically unable to improve the conditions.
You cannot expect the Association to enforce every requirement. It's your street and if it is negatively impacted by another Resident, step up and positively attempt to resolve the issue. It is in everyone's best interest to improve the value of homes in Village Green.
As for Mirabella, they are contributing $17 per quarter per occupied home to VGHA.
And for those of you who don't want Deed Restrictions, why did you purchase a home in a Deed Restricted neighborhood? Was it because the home and yard were well-maintained? The neighborhood looked cohesive and beautiful?  You can thank Deed Restrictions for that! If you don't want Deed Restrictions, move to a neighborhood without them, don't tear this one down.
Kay McNally, President
Once-a-week water restrictions
Beginning June 5 our area moves to once-a-week watering. Click here to view. Also available by going to About>Moving and Living Here>Moving Here Helpful Links>Water Restrictions.
New Evacuation Zones include ALL of Village Green.
Hurricane  Season begins June 1. Click here for Hurricane Readiness information. Also by going to About>Moving and Living Here>Living Here Helpful Links and Phone Numbers>Manatee County.
Click here to see new Evacuation Zones for Manatee County. Also by going to About>Moving and Living Here>Living Here Helpful Links and Phone Numbers>Manatee County>Evacuation Zones & Route Maps.
Residents may want to check insurance coverage for flooding due to surge and surface water inundation.

Welcome to your Website!
This website is the VGHA’s primary means of communication with our Members. Please take some time to familiarize yourself with the website and its features.
To reach pages restricted to Members Only, please use Login at the top right of the page if you are a VG homeowner. Please do not use Register if you are a VG homeowner as Register is for new Advertisers who wish to purchase advertising space on this website.
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The new website’s features include Calendar and Event Registration.
  • Register for an event online from Calendar or Event Registration, and receive a confirmation by email.
  • Add the event/activity to your personal Gmail or Outlook calendar directly from Calendar or Event Registration.
  • See a list of registered attendees under the event. Contact friends to encourage them to register. Most Social Committee events have limited seating available.
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  • Event Registration tracks total reservations and provides automatic cutoff when the maximum number have registered.
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We are now using the new VGHA website exclusively (and not Nextdoor) for our events/activities to take full advantage of our website’s Calendar and Event Registration features.

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The Villager Newsletter for Spring 2017
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The 2017 Spring edition of the Villager Newsletter is posted. Click her to go to Newsletters.
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